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Why It Took Us A Year To Develop GROWGO Pikler Triangle Set
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Why It Took Us A Year To Develop GROWGO Pikler Triangle Set

We bought random Pikler climber from Amazon and compared differences
We bought a random Pikler climber from Amazon and compared the differences. The plywood we use is 0.6 inches in thickness, enough to support the weight even of older kids. Sturdy wood ensures durability and years of service.

Instead of compromising on quality and pricing the Pikler climber at $199 or less, at GROWGO, we prioritize safety, durability, and functionality, ensuring it serves families for years.

A technical viewpoint: quality, safety, aesthetics

GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber
6 features in 1 toy. GROWGO Pikler Climber

We’ve talked plenty about the FEATURES and FUNCTIONS that set our Pikler climber apart. You can learn about them here:

How To Use The GROWGO Pikler Triangle To Its Full Potential


Visit the GROWGO Pikler product card, where you can purchase it. (Don't worry, at the end of this article, there is a link as well. Take your time and read through it.)

So why GROWGO Pikler Climber is better than other?

1. The quality of the finish

GROWGO Finish quality
We ensure that the finish is of the best quality. It's not just safer; it also looks better!
Others Climbers finish
Rough edges look poorly and can cause scrapes or splinters.

You know the saying: the devil is in the details. Or rather in the lack of them.

Getting the overall design right and finding the most optimal structure is no easy task. We give credit where it is due. But some stop right there. However, GROWGO isn't about that: we're not finished until EVERY aspect is finished.

Just like… the finish. The processing and treatment of the materials. You may not notice that edges are a bit rough at first – until someone gets a splinter.

We take our quality control very seriously. The surfaces must be smooth, the edges – sanded down, and the corners – rounded. We don't approve of anything less.

2. No protruding screws, please!

GROWGO Climber Screws
We fixed it: the screws are inset, fitting into grooves. That makes the Pikler not only safer, not only more pleasing to the eye, but also sturdier. Those dowels are set in place!
Others Climbers Screws
Exposed screws can cause scratches on the skin when in use or scrape walls/other items when in storage.

Moving onto the product itself, we looked at two important factors: SAFETY and AESTHETICS.

The screw situation caught our eyes immediately. Screw heads poking out of the plywood are not a desirable feature. Firstly, it can be risky: what if the child's clothing gets caught on it, or a toddler accidentally bumps an arm into this piece of metal? Second, it just doesn't look that great. It gives off industrial vibes instead of something clean and cute.

3. Sustainable starts with packaging

GROWGO packaging
No foam or plastic is used in our packaging. And we took it one step further, designing a box that has a second purpose! It transforms into a puppet theater, making it not only sustainable but also fun and something that will enrich children's playtime and imaginations.
Others packaging
Synthetic packaging materials are seen in the market too often. That's so much bad waste!

We noticed in this market was that despite being made of natural materials (most of the time), the Pikler triangles arrived in a not-so-environment-friendly packaging. So we made sure ours did!

4. Safety in stability

GROWGO Leg Shape
Our design choice is legs that have enough flat surfaces to provide a stable, secure base, but the corners are still round and smooth, eliminating any risks of hurting oneself.
Others Climbers Leg Shape
The contact area with the floor is way too small. While it looks nice, security always comes first.

Let's talk legs. Specifically the feet of the triangle.

We saw enough of the rounded ones. Yes, they do look cute and lack sharp corners but they also aren’t all that stable. Completely circular ends are prone to sliding, and when the toy is meant for active play, instability is not something we want.

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5. Quality of the climbing stones

GROWGO climbing stones
The climbing stones are glued on with extra-strong specialty glue that holds the stones in place while allowing to achieve a truly aesthetic look.
Others Climbing stones
Visible screws are not that great of a look, and climbing stones are harder for the kids to see when they’re the same color as the base.

Not only did we make our climbing stones multipurpose (you can use the ramp for Pinball), but we also paid a lot of attention to their design and aesthetics. The pieces are smooth and generously coated in child-safe paint, making the look and feel of the ramp playful and engaging. Plus, there are no screws, making the look even more appealing.

6. Securing the ramp to the climber

The grooves in our ramp fit over the dowels perfectly. Security belts are fixed on both sides, preventing the ramp from deattaching even during the most active of play.
Others Ramp
This type of groove is one of the sturdiest. However, most choices on the market don’t provide an additional layer of security.

A ramp that can be attached to the climber is an amazing idea, expanding playtime horizons and allowing us to build a toddler play gym. The question is this: does it attach securely enough?

We’ve seen different types of ramps. Some hook on a dowel with a horizontal bar. Some use belts. Some have rounded grooves that hug the dowel.

We chose the sturdiest type, which is the rounded groove. However, we also combined it with security belts. The ramp has a slight chance of lifting up from the dowel, and the added security of the belts prevents that from happening.

7. Dowels shouldn't spin

The dowels spin just slightly and ONLY when enough force is applied – a small child won't be able to make it spin.
Others Dowels
This is the example of loose dowels that made us take that extra step in ensuring stability.

Seems obvious, right? Well, some of the climbers on the market have dowels that do, indeed, spin. They rotate on the screws as if those were skewers, and that's a definite safety hazard. When your child holds a crossbar or steps on it, it shouldn't spin – or it may cause the child to slip.

So we made sure the dowels in our Pikler are as stable and fixed as possible.

8. The coating

GROWGO coating
A child-safe coating creates a smooth, pleasant surface and protects the part of the climber that will face the most wear.
Others coating
Without varnish, the dowels might get dirty and wear faster.

Another important detail is how the materials are treated. We are all for natural – but we also recognize the importance of durability and ability to withstand daily wear. That’s why we opted for dowels that are coated, and not just in any ol’ varnish but one that is child-friendly.

9. The user guide must be clear and helpful

GROWGO manual
We made our guide as clear as we could, complete with step-by-step instructions and tips on use and care. Plus, the design is pretty cute!
Others manual
More often than not, the instructions we see on the market lack clarity and attention to detail.

Clarity is the most important requirement for a user manual. If it’s easy to understand and follow, you’ll assemble the product in no time and save yourself a headache. That’s what we worked hard to achieve.

Another aspect is usefulness. Assembly instructions aren’t the only thing in our guide: we described how to best use the product and how to get the most out of every function, with some helpful tips sprinkled throughout. We want you to know how to use it to its full potential. We truly hope it makes the process as easy as possible!

Toy that grows with the child (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐4.7/5)

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📐 Unique patented design

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Built by parents to parents

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