Boosts Your Toddler's Muscle Strength

Inspired by Montessori. Designed & patented by GROWGO. Multifunctional throughout the years.

This playroom centerpiece is the ultimate toy for child development.


As a mobile frame, the toy helps to:

  • Focus
  • Hold their head
  • Reach with hands
  • Grip


Used to hold onto, the toy helps to:

  • Stand up
  • Cruise
  • Learn to walk
  • Balance & coordinate


Together with the ramp, the Pikler:

  • Builds muscle strength
  • Develops gross motor skills
  • Grows confidence
  • Lets to climb, slide, & rock


With the tent & Pinball, the toy:

  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Promotes creative thinking
  • Supports further physical & cognitive development

Quality doesn't just mean aesthetic & sturdy. It means long-lasting & safe for your children.

📃 US CPS safety certified

🛡️ ASTM safety standard

📐 Unique patented design

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Montessori-inspired

👶 6 months to 6 years

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Pikler Triangle Kit 6 in 1 - Unique Patented Design, Inspired by Montessori

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⛑️ Safe: passed the ASTM standard & received US CPS certificate


  • Encourages Confidence & Creativity
  • Builds Muscle Strength, Balance & Agility
  • Improves Postures
  • Develops Fine & Gross Motor Skills


  • Foldable Pikler Triangle  (from 6 months with parent guidance)
  • Double-Sided Ramp  (from 18 months with parent guidance)
    • Rocker & Slider Features
    • Pinball Game Feature + 3 Wooden Balls
  • Tent 
  • Package as DIY Craft Game (Turn it into a Puppet Theatre)


  • Non toxic water based paint
  • Pikler's structure and ramp from birch plywood
  • Pikler's dowels from pine wood
  • Safety tested to 16 CFR Part 1307 & certified

 Folded Pikler size:

  • Length: 36.2 IN
  • Width: 27.6 IN
  • Bottom height: 5.5 IN
  • Top Height: 7.4 IN

Rocker/Ramp size:

  • Length: 39.4 IN
  • Width: 13.8 IN
  • Height: 5.32 IN

Simple assembly required. Pikler can hold the weight of roughly 100 pound.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
Camden’s Birthday Gift!

My Grandson loves it!

Loads of fun

So far, this was a great purchase for my grandkids 3, 2, and 1. So many ways to play with it, and different for each age, yet compatible for multi-age play!

Jackilyn Spencer
Going to Enjoy for Years to Come

The Pikler Triangle Kit 6 in 1 was joyfully received. My 2 year old grandson was delighted to immediately climb and slide. He is enjoying the colorful balls and backside of the slide. I believe this item will be a playroom fixture for years of fun and gross and fine motor development.

Two Year Warranty

We guarantee the workmanship and materials quality of our products for 2 years from the date of original purchase from GROWGO.

Hope we heard your questions

Here are some answers we hope will let you make a better decision. Introducing the GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber Set—a versatile playset that includes a climber, rocker, slider, pinball game with wooden balls, and more! This innovative triangle structure also features a tent, and the packaging converts into a puppet theater for endless imaginative play. Just like the Pikler Triangle, our set is designed to develop balance and gross motor skills suitable for various ages. But unlike the traditional design, ours is crafted with additional features to enhance your child's development and creativity. Whether they're climbing, rocking, or playing pinball, the GROWGO 6in1 Pikler Climber Set offers endless entertainment while promoting essential motor skills. Complete the experience with our Reversible Climbing Ramp, available in both Short and Long styles to fit any space. While our products encourage exploration and free-form play, always supervise your child to prevent injuries.

What is the purpose of a Pikler Triangle?

It develops children's gross motor skills & confidence while providing a safe & fun environment that inspires independent exploration.

Why should You choose GROWGO Pikler?

The unique patented GROWGO's design allows for 6 different play configurations, making it a multipurpose toy that kids will never get bored of. Made of safe, high-quality materials, it's long-lasting and will grow with your child.

How does it help my child develop?

In many ways! GROWGO Pikler triangle helps children develop gross motor skills, balance, & coordination, builds muscle strength, grows confidence & independence, and improves creative thinking & problem-solving skills.

How long do they last?

It's designed to last for years and grow with your child. Starting with toddlers, it will serve all the way until your child starts going to school.

Is it safe for my child?

Yes, it is! The GROWGO Pikler triangle passed the ASTM standard & received the US CPS certificate. It's made with safe, high-quality materials and features a sturdy construction.

Do you make anything else?

We do! GROWGO offers a range of educational children's products, such as Stepping Stones, Balance Beams, and Fort Building Kit. Together with the Pikler, they make the ultimate home play gym.

GROWGO team values

Multifunctional Toys

Montessori-inspired educational toys that offer many games per each product.

Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging transforms into craft games, letting kids reuse them in a creative way.

Aesthetic Design

No more mess – just one play gym that gives kids the best experience and looks good in any home.

Durable & Montessori-inspired

Are you looking for a durable and safe Pikler triangle for your kids? This is one of the best wooden Pikler triangles around! Constructed out of sturdy and durable birch plywood, your child will learn, grow and develop self-confidence and coordination while feeling safe and secure.

And you can rest assured knowing that the Pikler triangle is built with safety in mind. It will fully support all of your child's climbing activities. To ensure absolute safety for your child and their buddies, every GROWGO Pikler triangle has a very light, non-toxic coating. We don't use any harsh chemicals to manufacture these Pikler triangles.

The GROWGO Pikler Triangle can be easily transported for indoor use. Set the climbing triangle up in any room and let the Pikler climbing fun begin! You can set it up on any smooth carpeted floor or soft floor surface in your home. With a special locking system and rounded corners, the Pikler triangle is secure and safe to use.

Never Boring!

GROWGO's well-crafted Pikler triangle follows the Montessori method and has several interchangeable features designed for uniquely different ways to have fun. Not only is it a climbing arch, ladder slide, and climbing ramp, but you can detach the ramp and easily turn it into a rocker.

The ramp/slide has two sides: one side is smooth for sliding down, and the other side is a rock wall ramp with brightly colored wooden rocks for your child to hold on to or spend the day rock climbing. Kids love this Pikler triangle because they're never bored with it!

Transforms Into a Fun Fort

Even though this is one of the best Pikler triangles, your child might want to take a little break from climbing. You'll be happy to know that this is more than just a climbing triangle! It also transforms into a cool and cozy fort using the included cotton tent cover.

Kids can use the fort to rest after a hard day of climbing or escape into a world of imagination and pretend they are on a far-away camping or exploration trip. The open-ended play space under the climbing triangle is the perfect place for toddlers and children to crawl to nap or play the day away.

Added Extras

There's even more included with the Montessori-style GROWGO Pikler climbing triangle. The shipping package your Pikler triangle comes in turns into a fun puppet show theatre or playhouse, complete with stickers to decorate the playhouse any way they want!

We've also included three wooden balls that your children can use to play a game of toy pinball on the rock wall side of the ramp. Watch as your child develops gross motor skills, coordination, and balance - the benefits are endless! Just another reason why GROWGO has the best Pikler triangle around!

A Complete Pikler Climbing Triangle Set

The GROWGO Pikler triangle kit has everything you need to help your child grow, exercise, and learn. Built stronger than other climbing triangles, this set consists of 2 climbing pieces; the climbing frame/triangle and ramp/slide are made of strong wooden birch plywood and dowels. It's everything your child could ever ask for in a climbing triangle - and more!

Your complete Pikler climbing triangle set includes:

  • 1 foldable triangle climber ladder made from birch and pine wood with an extended size of 30 x 33 x 24 inches.
  • 1 double-sided ramp with a size of 40 inches.
  • 3 wooden balls to use as a ball race game or pinball game.
  • 1 cotton tent cover to go over the foldable Pikler triangle to transform it into a tent (or fort!) for sleeping or playing in.
  • 1 cardboard packing box that transforms into a puppet show theatre/playhouse.
  • 1 set of colorful stickers that your kids can use to decorate the cardboard box playhouse.
  • 1 set of hardware to put it all together.
  • Instruction manual

Benefits Children Of All Ages

As your child grows, their activity levels change. This Montessori-inspired GROWGO Pikler triangle is suitable for all kids and in a very wide age range. From as early as 18 months to 7 years old, your child can enjoy the benefits of the Pikler triangle!

Children 6 months to a year old will love to learn to grip and pull themselves up on the climbing structure. It is a great way for a toddler to learn to stand and walk! You'll love how proud your child will be as they build their self-confidence by learning to stand with the Pikler triangle.

Parents will love knowing that their children will continue to play on the best Pikler triangle as they grow. With a sturdy wood construction and quality material, it can hold the weight of roughly 100 pounds. Children up to 5 or even seven can still spend hours climbing, playing, and having endless fun on this versatile Montessori climbing triangle.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your return policy?

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Who do I contact for issues or questions for my order?

Contact  GROWGO support at You'll receive an order confirmation email with a link to see your order status and how to contact the online store.

What safety testing does GROWGO follow?

At GROWGO, we believe that playing should be fun and safe. That's why all our products come with a children’s product certificate, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards. Crafted from non-toxic, FSC certified wood. We never compromise on safety, ensuring that harmful chemicals or substances are never used in the making or manufacturing of our products. With GROWGO, you can trust that your child's playtime is both enjoyable and worry-free.

Best way to care for GROWGO products?

To care for your GROWGO products, simply use a damp, clean cloth to wipe the surfaces clean. Some slight maintenance may be necessary over time to keep them looking their best.

Avoid leaving or storing your GROWGO products outside, as they are coated with lacquer but are still vulnerable to damage from rain and moisture due to their wooden construction.

For optimal preservation, we advise storing our wood products in dry, non-humid spaces. Keep them away from heat sources like radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other appliances that generate heat to prevent any potential damage.

What is the weight limit for the Climber Pikler Triangle Set?

The weight limit is 100lbs.

Does thePikler Climber Triangle Set fold?

Yes, the Pikler climber triangle set folds for easy storage.