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Why the Play Gym?

Each toy develops unique skills

Maximizes versatility of many options

Suits children of different ages

Kids stay engaged longer


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Life-changing benefits for your child


  • Develops cognitive functions and hand-eye coordination
  • Builds gross and fine motor skills
  • Builds muscle and bone strength
  • Improves dexterity, agility, and balance
  • Encourages physical activity
  • Inspires exploration of the world around them


  • Encourages self-directed learning
  • Improves problem-solving skills
  • Builds independence and autonomy
  • Fosters concentration and focus
  • Enhances cognitive development
  • Improves creativity and imagination


  • Promotes collaboration and cooperation
  • Develops communication skills
  • Builds self-awareness and empathy
  • Promotes social interactions
  • Encourages sharing and turn-taking
  • Teaches self-regulation

Meet our best seller


  • Encourages Confidence & Creativity
  • Builds Muscle Strength, Balance & Agility
  • Improves Postures
  • Develops Fine & Gross Motor Skills


  • Foldable Pikler Triangle  (from 6 months with parent guidance)
  • Double-Sided Ramp  (from 18 months with parent guidance)
    • Rocker & Slider Features
    • Pinball Game Feature + 3 Wooden Balls
  • Tent 
  • Package as DIY Craft Game (Turn it into a Puppet Theatre)


  • Non toxic water based paint
  • Pikler's structure and ramp from birch plywood
  • Pikler's dowels from pine wood
  • Safety tested to 16 CFR Part 1307 & certified

 Folded Pikler size:

  • Length: 36.2 IN
  • Width: 27.6 IN
  • Bottom height: 5.5 IN
  • Top Height: 7.4 IN

Rocker/Ramp size:

  • Length: 39.4 IN
  • Width: 13.8 IN
  • Height: 5.32 IN

Simple assembly required. Pikler can hold the weight of roughly 100 pound.

Why the Pickler Triangle?

A Pikler triangle is excellent in nurturing children's physical and emotional development. It improves coordination, muscle strength, and balance, as well as encourages imaginative play and is safe with rounded edges and smooth surfaces. It lets the little ones to explore, learn, and grow!

Based on 547 reviews
A joy to assemble

Well packaged, easy to follow directions, and everything fits together easily. I went ahead and sealed this with two coats of a clear rustoleom spray “paint” so it will hold up better outdoors. Looks adorable in the playhouse we built.

Pikler triangle climbing kit

Both my grandsons are loving the Pikler triangle. I bought it for my 1 year old grandson and my 5 year old grandson is liking it as well.

Amazing !

We honestly loved our 6 in one kit. My son loves it and he’s learn how to climb and get down the slide on his own. It’s so well made. And you can’t beat the price!

Teaches practical life skills!

The water container and sink on the mud kitchen are perfect for teaching practical life skills, such as washing dishes and cleaning up after oneself.

Amazing product

Three words: versatile, teaching, fun.

Really sturdy

The quality of the wood used in this mud kitchen is top-notch, it's sturdy and durable and will last for years.

For all the cooks out there!

Now our last name hold some weight! But to be real, this is a great item, kids love it.

Kiddos never get tired!

This mud kitchen has truly become a centerpiece of our playground, and for good reason. It's durable, versatile, and so much fun! My kids love switching between the mud kitchen side and the grocery store side, and I love seeing their imaginations run wild. From baking mud pies to selling pretend produce, they never get tired of playing with this toy, and I never get tired of watching them. It's truly been a gift to our family.

Teaches teamwork and collaboration

The double-sided design of the mud kitchen encourages social interaction and collaboration between kids which is always encouraged in our household

Quality materials, very impressed

I am so impressed with the quality of this Pikler. It's made of sturdy birch plywood and the tent cover is soft and breathable. The ramp and balls are a fun addition and my child loves playing with them. It's a great way to encourage physical movement and brain development.

My son absolutely loves the GROWGO product bundle! The Balance Beams, Stepping Stones and Pikler Triangle are perfect for toddlers, as it helps them improve their cognitive function and concentration, as well as developing fine and gross motor skills, posture, muscle strength, balance and agility. Plus, the craft package it comes with is super cute!

Beautiful quality and so fun!

Such a fun quality gift! The set includes the step stones that are numbered on one side and each side of the other has a different shape or design that are all different colors. One piece has a tic tac toe board and comes with corresponding pieces and a tracing stylus for the different designs. It also comes with a bunch of tic tac toe score boards and a really nice canvas storage bag to keep everything together! The set also includes stick on grips so that you can use these as step stones in an obstacle course or movement activity with kids and not have to worry about them slipping out from underneath and falling.

Great gift

My boys are 2 and 5 and this would make a great gift for toddlers. It lets them learn how to be coordinated by jumping or stepping on the wooden circles. The pieces are very sturdy and smooth. On one side there’s numbers and another are shaped for them to trace. I thought that the divots in the wooden pieces would bother them since it’s not an entirely flat surface, but it didn’t. Make sure you don’t place it on hard surfaces like wood or tile or else it could slide. Carpet is definitely better. It’s a simple yet versatile gift.

Sustainable packaging

The packaging box transforms into a puppet theater! It's such a nice touch to keep the product sustainable! GROWGO are amazing for it.

I am impressed!!!

I ordered this balance beam set for my Montessori at home. There are a total of 6 wooden balance beams, 8 wooden connector pieces, and 1 large drawstring bag. These wooden beams are sturdy & durable. Connects easily. It has a beautiful color combination. They can be used in multiple ways. They fit easily. My children enjoyed playing with it. This is good for Montessori at home. It is good physical activity for kids especially during winter when children can not go outside. I would highly recommend it.

What a great gift

We have 5 grandchildren and ordered this for play time. But after assembling and reading the instructions, it’s so much more. Sensory development is crucial for young minds. This set has plenty of options for games and creative thinking - and it looks like fun.

ps. It comes with a heavy canvas carry-bag - and anti-scuff pads for the wooden feet. We love it.

pps. I’m 180 lbs (nearly three times the suggested weight limit) but I think it would hold me. It’s that sturdy.

Quality materials but a little bland

The box is heavy, which means these are quality wood materials and you’re getting what you pay for— they should last a long time. The box it arrives in is a little bland— it’s not going to make a preschooler leap for joy if they open it on Christmas morning. The box could be good for storage but then again they include a storage bag so the box isn’t needed for that. Similarly, the numbered side of these stepping stones is written in a nondescript beige. Kids like bright colors— the numbers look less than exciting. The side with the shapes and the colors are well done. I like that the tic tac toe board comes with wooden x and o pieces. Overall, I think it’s a quality set but it loses points for giftability and in this price range they could have done a better job with the colors and possibly made the stones a little larger.

Cute!!! Giftable. Fun! Kids can easily rearrange

This is just too cute. I love the soft colors and the warmth of the wood. Definitely a toy that looks like an heirloom.
The fun thing about this is that it can be changed and reordered and a kid can do this themselves. There’s a variety of knobs and bumps that make this a sensory experience as well.
This balance beam set comes with a cute canvas bag for storage and can easily be picked up and put back out with ease.
What a cute gift this would be.

Thick wood veryy good quality

These are very thick and have good weight to them. I was surprised of how big they are, loving them already, I also got the stepping stones to go along with it and love them! There are some imperfections in the wood which isn’t surprising and is to be expected. Wooden toys all come with minor Imperfections and doesn’t bother me. The colors and pain on them are vibrant and very nice, all the shapes are so much fun. This will make the perfect Christmas or bday gift!

Great toy

I got these because my little one doesn’t have the greatest balance

It’s super sturdy and she enjoyed putting them in different patterns

Some board are straight and some in waves or zig zags

Great balance beams

Less mess at home + loved craft packaging

My kids love to roughhouse and this balance beam was the perfect addition to our home. It's sturdy, not too high, and made from natural materials. We've had it for over a month and haven't had any issues with splinters or rotting. Great box which transforms into magical animals. If you're looking for something that is safe, sturdy, and sustainable - this is the product for you!

Proud Mom

I'm a proud mom and GROWGO user! My son absolutely adores the colorful toys on his home-play gym. The products are robust and with wear resistant materials that can withstand a child's 'little hands'. When I want to get him out of my hair for a bit, I place him in his playroom and he is entertained for hours. GROWGO has everything you need to build up your own playroom

Going to Buy full Gym

These stones are great for practicing coordination and balance. I especially love the double-sided design; it's a perfect activity for my toddler that he can do both inside and outside. The stones also have numbers on them, so jumping on the numbers teaches basic math skills while hopping on the colored stones teaches basic colors. I am really pleased with this purchase and I would recommend them to anyone!

awesome product

I'm a mother of two and I'm always looking for toys and gear that will help my kids grow and learn. The GROWGO Balance Beam set is one of my favorite products because it not only has been a blast for the kids but it's also helped them build their gross motor skills. We'll definitely be getting this as gifts for all our friends kids too!

Fort Building Kit 3 in 1 Inspired by Montessori
Best gift

The Fort building kit is the best thing I could have bought for my son's birthday. He loves playing with it, and it's the perfect way to get his mind going and learning new skills. It's been a great tool for developing his creativity, math skills, and problem-solving abilities. I cannot recommend this toy highly enough!