Spinning Rainbow Drum - Engaging, Sensory, and Calming Play for Infants

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  • Calming & Engaging: Spinning feature doubles as a fun activity and a soothing tool for anxious moments. 
  • Promotes Muscle Development: Encourages the use of arm and wrist muscles through rolling and spinning actions.
  • Enhances Eye-Hand Coordination: Engages baby in coordinating their actions to produce a visual response.
  • Colorful Attraction: Vivid colors and patterns grab and maintain your child’s attention. 
  • Sensory Exploration: Various textures and colors stimulate curiosity and exploration.


  • Versatile Play: Suitable for babies during various developmental stages, providing engaging play from tummy time onward.
  • Mirror Side: Adds an extra element of surprise and self-discovery during play. 
  • Rolling Bell: Creates a gentle sound as the drum rolls, adding an auditory sensory element. 
  • Multi-Textured Surfaces: Allows baby to explore different sensory experiences. 
  • Bright and Playful Design: Keeps your little one engaged and entertained for hours.


  • High-Quality Materials: Durable and safe for infant exploration and play. 
  • Infant-Safe: Ensuring worry-free playtime and exploration for your little one.


  • Overall Size:
  • Length: 7.09IN
  •  Width: 4.72 IN
  •  Height: 5.59 IN

🎮 PLAYFUL DISCOVERY: • Spinning Visuals: Allows babies to create beautiful color patterns through simple actions. • Sensory Sound: The bell sounds with rolling, adding another layer of sensory exploration. • Mirror Reflection: Engages baby in self-recognition and adds an additional playful surface

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