Wooden Rattle Rollers - Soothing, Engaging, and Developmental Play for Infants

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  • Gentle, Soothing Sounds: The soft clatter of wood provides a calming auditory experience, with no harsh or irritating noises. 
  • Sensory Exploration: Engages sight, sound, and touch, providing a rich sensory experience from an early age. 
  • Encourages Movement: Stimulates curiosity and movement, motivating crawling and exploration.
  • Easy Grasp: Designed for little fingers to easily grip, shake, and explore.


  • Tumbling Wooden Balls: Creates a gentle, pleasing sound when rolled or shaken, capturing your infant's attention.
  • Multi-Sensory Engagement: Offers visual, auditory, and tactile experiences in one simple toy.
  • Encourages Coordination: Helps develop sight, hearing, touch, and hand-eye coordination in early development stages.


  • Natural Oak Wood: Providing a durable, natural, and safe material for exploration and play.
  • Safe for Kids: Crafted with water-based paint and non-formaldehyde glue, ensuring a worry-free play environment.


  • Diameter: 2.95 IN
  • Height: 2.36 IN


  • Roll, Rattle, Explore: Invites baby to roll, shake, and explore, enticing with colors and soothing sounds. 
  • Encourage Crawling: The roll and rattle action can motivate movement and exploration in your little one. 
  • Easy Grip: Specially designed to allow easy gripping for tiny hands, ensuring easy shake and play.

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